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Las Gaviotas is a residential community, but we welcome Vacationers who rent homes in our community in order to enjoy our peaceful ocean environment and the spectacular surf off our shoreline. However, we are not a hotel and certain conduct that may be tolerated at hotels and resorts is not acceptable here. To enjoy access to our community, Vacationers must agree to comply with The Las Gaviotas Rules, which are provided as a part of the rental papers.  

Please review the following important rules.

Noise - Noise in the public areas and on porches and patios of houses, even during the day, should not be so loud as to disturb the quiet enjoyment by others in the community, whether Residents or other Vacationers. Please keep your voices low when walking down the Paseos between the houses. No gatherings, parties, music or other noise may occur on the outdoor spaces of houses, including patios, porches and surrounding walkways or streets, between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am.

Occupancy – Vacationers who are renting a home must comply with occupancy limits, which are two persons per bedroom of a house (children and babies count as persons). There are no exceptions to this rule, and the guards will not admit more persons to the community than the number of persons designated for the rented house. A person sneaking into a rented house in the community in violation of this rule will be treated as a trespasser, and all the Vacationers who have rented that house may be evicted.

Behavior – Many Vacationers and Residents are families with children and grandchildren. All persons must be respectful of these families and must refrain in public areas and on porches and patios of residences from offensive language, nudity and similar obscene behavior.

Dogs and Cats - Only Homeowners may bring dogs and cats into Las Gaviotas. No exceptions.

General - Do not bring glass containers onto the malecon or into the pool and Jacuzzi area. Broken glass can cause injury. Do not hang wetsuits over balconies. They are unsightly. Please put trash in bins, and clean up your empties at the beach and pool area. Mexicans place the same emphasis on their environment as persons in similar communities in the United States. Littering is discourteous to everyone. 

The residents of Las Gaviotas are happy to share their community with Vacationers and enjoy meeting new people. They are helpful if you have questions or need recommendations for restaurants and surrounding attractions. All the residents request is that you respect The Las Gaviotas Rules and their peaceful enjoyment of the community.