Nature in its greatest form


Las Gaviotas known as the “Crown Jewel” of Baja California, Mexico. The Villas here are second to none, guarded community, private beach and great waves.

It is a safe and peaceful private community about 30 miles south of the U.S. border and less than 10 miles past Rosarito Beach. (about a 5 minute drive).  The 300 or so villas are all privately-owned (by Americans mostly) and many are available as vacation rentals. This gorgeous resort has tennis courts, volleyball court, shuffleboard court, gym, a swimming pool, saunas, and a heated jacuzzi/spa with ocean-view, as well as, a private beach!

You can stroll down a short walkway and end up right on the private beach, where it’s a perfect place to walk on the sand, get in the water, or even play some beach volleyball! For those who want to relax, it is scattered with tropical “Palapas” (stationary beach umbrellas made of dried palm leaves) for you to lay or sit under!

Let’s not forget the surfing! The waves here are well known by surfers everywhere, who come from near and far to experience the waves here! Surf’s up!

 As you stroll along traditional limestone streets surrounded by lush landscaping with towering palm tress and colorful flowers, with the breathtaking views of the waves and ocean in the background, one gets that sense of being in a picturesque, romantic village straight out of a fairy-tale!

Safety is not an issue here with around the clock, 24/7 security and ALL visitors must check-in as they drive or walk in!

So come relax in the year-round beautiful weather and feel the warm
sun on your face, the soft ocean breeze and the cool, crisp, clean air!




The area of Rosarita has a rich history dating before the Spanish Invasion. Before the collision of two worlds, the Kiliwa, Paipai, Cochimi, and other Native Indians lived and thrived along Rosarito’s beaches and forests. Then, 1533 the Spanish arrived and over the decades, began to build missions to preach the gospel to the Indians. The famous explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo passed through Rosarito while traveling to San Diego in September 1542.  Then, in 1825, the area was El Rosarito Ranch was established as Mexico was building Ranchos all of the countries.

May 14th 1885 is Rosarito’s Foundation Day and it was officially founded by don Joaquin Machado.

Finally, in 1995. Rosarito began the next age of its life as became its own county, no longer a part of Tijuana. Finally the resilient city could charter its own destiny.

Who knows what awaits this beautiful land? As time marches on, Rosarito will march on with it and navigate the future with strong winds and high sails!

The country of Rosarito is one of the most beautiful coastal counties in all of Mexico. The edges of the county are lined with amazingly white sandy beaches cuddled between the warm Pacific Ocean. This local getaway is only 41 kilometers south of Tijuana.

Life in Rosarito is calm and peaceful. And the Sea of Cortez is a welcome neighbor that provides so much to all of Baja Mexico. Seafood, surf, work, travel, entertainment: the resources the sea gives us is immeasurable. We, the citizens of Rosarito take pride in caring for the ocean, and we don’t tolerate those who pollute our precious sea.

When you visit Rosarito, you must enjoy the sea. At over 20 miles of unbeatable white beaches, you won’t be able to resist the call of the water. Whether you kayak, surf, or swim, the waters of the Gulf of Cortez will empower you and your appreciation for all things ocean will strengthen . To not do so would be an absolute waste of a visit. The sea is warm and the waves are strong. It’s the perfect place to go on an adventure. Watch as the ships come into port at the Port of Tijuana, you will understand how the ocean fuels the life of all the coastal cities. The sea cares for us and we will care for it as long as we can breathe and swim! 

Here’s what our past guests have said about Las Gaviotas

The accommodations were excellent, very good condition and well maintained. We rented through a guy named Alexi who lent us a surfboard and tennis rackets and had lots of good tips for us. It was totally relaxing and an easy trip from San Diego.

Michelle C., December 2016

-First time staying at Las Gaviotas and will definitely be back! Location and view from the house was great, house was well taking care of, looking forward to going back soon! Great place to take your family.

Jose Z., July 2018

-The houses are just beautiful and there is not a bad view around. The staff was friendly and security seemed to have an eye on everything which I appreciated. Enjoyed meals up the road at K38 Taco surf and Covelli Pizza both were outstanding. I don’t know how we haven’t stayed here before but we are definitely returning.

Ruby_j24, November 2017

-Really like the place. Well maintained and self contained. Nice beach, friendly staff and nice pool and hot tub. The sunsets and sunrises were amazing. Great surfspot out front. We felt really safe there.

Raycon Boy, November 2017

A day in Paradise!

-Just spent 6 days in Las Gaviotas-right on the walkway overlooking the surf. Great spot! Good surf, nice accommodations and good food! Rented house numbers 44 and 45-had perfect view of surf!! Gated community with security, large pool and hot tub.

Walkero, Aug 2017