Welcome to Condominio Las Gaviotas Baja California Mexico

Here, you have no worries

As you walk along the beautiful beach right next to the pool, your mind will be at peace.The wind caresses your hair and the sun kisses your skin.  Here in Las Gaviotas, there is no time. Days melt into night and nights blend into the dawn. The cobblestone streets invite you to explore all that the town has to offer; to get lost and be free. No consequences, no troubles; this a place stuck in time. Your family will find something for everyone and all will be satisfied.  

While you are relaxing, we can offer you the local cuisine: There are 8 restaurants within walking distance of one mile and each place has their own specialty. Your palate will be on it’s own adventure. Journey into the village and search through the shops and streets to discover the personality of the area.

Come For The Surf

The country of Rosarito is known to be one of the best surfing spots in the world. And you will have a room side view of the beautiful sea and the awesome surfing skills of the locals. Surfing equipment is available for rent in the village and there are instructors to hire as well if you are a first time swimmer.

What you will experience at our condominiums.

We have a number of amenities available for all patrons. Speak to the front desk to access the following:

  • Beachfront and beach access
  • Tennis court
  • Poolside and pool
  • Free parking
  • Free High Speed Internet (WiFi)
  • Computer room
  • Full Gym
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Shuffleboard
  • Jacuzzi
  • A kid’s play yard
  • And a green space for putting


We are not a hotel or resort; we are known as a series of condominiums. Because of our non-hotel status, the usual conduct of a hotel does not apply here. The residential community requires that our patrons are quiet, and follow our security’s warnings. 

Las Gaviotas is a small as a village, with about 300 families. It is a city that cannot handle loud partiers and wild nightlife.

Please read and follow the rules of our condominiums if you wish to stay here. Thank you very much for your cooperation. All of the rules will be explained in the rental papers you will receive when you check-in.


Noise – noise should be kept at a minimum, especially between 10pm and 8am Our security will notify you if you are being too loud, even if you are in your room. And when you travel into the village, please keep your voice low so you can’t disturb the residents.


Occupancy – There can only be two guests per room.Children and babies count as people. If we find out you have snuck extra persons into your room, there will be consequences with a possible eviction. 


Behavior – Please act in a manner that is respectful to the other guest and to the community. Our condos are very close to residential homes. Clean up after yourself wherever you go and dispose of trash in trash cans and not on the beach.

*Guest’s animals are not permitted. The only animals allowed are the owner’s. This is not a pet-friendly place.*

Poolside etiquette – Do not bring glass into the pool or into the spa. If glass breaks, we will have to drain the pool and spa to clean it. It will be a massive inconvenience to all guests.

The residents of Las Gaviotas are happy to share their community with Vacationers and enjoy meeting new people. They are helpful if you have questions or need recommendations for restaurants and surrounding attractions. All the residents request is that you respect The Las Gaviotas Rules and their peaceful enjoyment of the community.