Las Gaviotas is not a hotel or a traditional resort. It is a community of condominiums and detached homes that are privately owned, each with its own charm, personality, décor and amenities. Owners may choose to rent their properties to short-term vacationers or to long-term tenants.

Vacation rentals at Las Gaviotas are made available through these various websites

In addition to any rules the owners may ask that renters follow, there are also community rules that pertain to renters and homeowners alike.

Please read and follow the rules of our community. All of the rules are also included in the rental papers you receive when you arrive at the security gate.

Noise: Noise should be kept to a minimum, especially between 10PM and 8AM. When sitting outside on a patio or deck, please be mindful that your voices are easily heard by neighbors and may be considered a disturbance. This is often an issue when people get together for a small party and do not realize that they are speaking louder than usual. Even when you are inside your rental home, excessive noise can be a problem. If the neighbors (or guards) ask you to quiet down, please realize that they are trying to preserve the peaceful environment of the community.

Occupancy: Only two guests per bedroom are allowed. Children and babies are considered to be a guest. If you violate this rule, you may be asked to leave.

Behavior: Please act in a manner that is respectful to the other guests and occupants of the community. Dispose of trash in trash cans, do not take breakable containers from your home and keep the beach clean.


Poolside etiquette: Do not bring glass containers into the pool and spa area. If glass is broken in this area it is possible that draining the pool and spa may become necessary, creating considerable expense and inconvenience. Follow the rules posted near the pool and spa.

The residents of Las Gaviotas are happy to share their community with vacationers and they enjoy meeting new people. They are helpful if you have questions or need recommendations for restaurants and surrounding attractions. In return, the Las Gaviotas residents greatly appreciate visitors who respect and follow the rules of the community.

 Pets: Short-term renters are not allowed to bring family pets into the community. Long-term renters may be allowed pets if agreed to by the homeowner. Only owners (and some long-term renters) are allowed to have pets on the premises and those pets must be registered with Las Gaviotas administration.